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Welcome! Thank you for visiting, Accessible Design and Innovative Inclusion or ADII.

It is our mission at ADII to assist businesses, federal, local and state governments, and professionals to ensure people with disabilities and the aging populations enjoy equal access to employment, programs, and services. We believe that everyone should have an equal chance to participate, be included, and equally enjoy a full and meaningful life with a barrier free community.

ADII services includes:

  • Assist organizations, professionals and individuals to be more inclusive, user-friendly, and accessible to all.
  • Aim to improve the environment, programs, and communication accessibility such as:
    • Consultation services for public and private physical accessibility surveys
    • Museums, parks & recs, lodging, medical/hospital & clinic facilities, corrections & jails assessments specialty
    • Design phase or pre-construction of architecture plan reviews
    • Project management and coordination of Self-Evaluation and Transition plans, including coordination of public engagement
    • Employment and program accessibility compliance
    • Evaluate operational compliance, staff training needs and capacity
    • Customized training and e-learning on accessibility and compliance and disability related topics
    • Accessibility apps, and much more…

For questions about services or consultation please contact, Eva L. DeLeon.